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This is the misting system and the cucumber trellis in the greenhouse. And here’s the cucumbers in air pruning bags underneath:

And, the cucumbers today:

Posts About the Greenhouse

The Melon Tunnel

Last year, I planted my garden as usual on our new homestead; but I had one new addition to my repertoire – watermelons. And let me tell you . . . They were elbow-dripping delicious! So this year for the farmer’s market, we had to figure out how to grow more without taking up too much space. There was only one way to go – UP.

What’s Happening With the Melons

Building a Pond

We have begun putting plants around our small fish pond. You can see the Water has some algae growing but we miraculously found dozens of tiny fish and are afraid they will get sucked up if we turn on the pump. Unexpected but pleasant surprise, wonder who had the babies.